• Waterproofing

• Replacement of brick
• Chimney’s
• Chimney capping
• Chimney rain cap installation
• Damper Installation
• Cleaning of brick
• Stucco
• Caulking

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We provide the following:


Eulas Phillips Masonry offers numerous services on existing or new masonry. Unique services we can provide is patching brick, either on a wall or in a chimney, and then paint the patch with a cement paint a very similar color as existing brick so the patch will not stand out. We provide this service because it is a lot cheaper for the customer than having to replace the entire brick. We can come within a few shades of any existing mortar color so the repair will not stand out from the existing mortar.

If our competition gives a lower price proposal for the exact work and quality, we will try and match or lower the price to better serve you. All of our work comes with a one year warranty because if it makes it through the freeze and thaw of winter and spring, it will last. 

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• Tuckpointing
• Spot Tuckpointing (match a similar color as existing mortar)
• Basements: Tuckpoint and drylock basement walls; we also thurosil
• Patio’s: brick or stone
• Garden Walls/Perimeter Walls
• Power washing
• Patching of brick and staining to a similar color to existing brick